Information for international applicants with international university entrance qualifications

Foreign documents can only be accepted in German or English language or translation. If your documents are written in another language, a translation of the relevant documents in German or English is required in addition to the copy of the original certificate. All certificates must be translated by a sworn translator.

    Common University Entrance Qualifications

  • IB / GIB

    We have a lot of applicants passing the International Baccalaureate (IB/GIB).
    If the subjects, the levels, the grades fulfill the requirements, the IB can be accepted as university entrance qualification.

    The Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the States in the Federal Republic of Germany has issued a regulation, on recognizing the IB diploma. This information is available in German language only.

    Here you can check whether your IB qualification is considered equivalent to a German university entrance qualification.

    If you do not have your IB diploma by the application deadline, you can apply using your provisional transcript of grades. Alternatively, as IB results are usually published online in early July, you can provide us with access to your results website as a form of proof. Just include a screenshot of your results and give us your log-in details (personal code and pin) so that we can verify the results in your application.

  • General Certificate of Education – Advanced Level

    The General Certificate of Education Advanced Level / Advanced Subisidiary Level is accepted as a university entrance qualification in Germany.

    For an A-Level to be recognized as a university entrance qualification, it has to fulfill certain criteria. The Central Office for foreign Education (ZAB) in Bonn, Germany provides information in German language on the recognition of an A-Level here.

  • Assessment Test (Feststellungsprüfung) passed at Studienkolleg

    Some foreign school leaving certificates are insufficient to start a bachelor's degree course, directly. In this case, you need to attend a Studienkolleg and pass the Feststellungsprüfung.

    We work with Studienkolleg at the University of Heidelberg. However, you can still apply at the University of Mannheim, if you have passed your Feststellungsprüfung at different Studienkolleg. Please make sure that your Feststellungsprüfung is valid for all universities in Germany.

    For the application at the University of Mannheim please submit both the Feststellungsprüfung as well as your University Entrance Qualification.

    If you are not sure whether your Feststellungsprüfung can be accepted please contact us to: application 

If you wish to apply for a bachelors degree course at the University of Mannheim, and you are not sure whether your educational background can be considered a University Entrance Qualification in Germany please visit the website of the Central Office for Foreign Education (ZAB) in Bonn, Germany.
Under “Schulabschlüsse mit Hochschulzugang” you may find information regarding foreign University Entrance Qualifications and their equivalent in Germany.

    Additional important country-specific information

  • China/Vietnam

    Applicants who obtained their university entrance qualification or degree in China or Vietnam, must also provide the original version of the APS Certificate issued by the Academic Evaluation Center (Akademische Prüfstelle) in the corresponding country.

  • Italy

    Applicants who have completed their university entrance qualification in Italy must submit, in addition to the school leaving certificate, the annual reports of the last two school years together with a translation into German or English. If the school leaving certificate is not yet available, it is possible to apply with a document issued by the school, stating that you have completed your “Esame di maturità”. The official “Diploma di maturità” must be submitted subsequently in case of admission.

  • Austria

    Applicants who have obtained their school leaving certificate in Austria must submit the annual reports of the last two school years in addition to the diploma certificate.

  • Russia/Ukraine

    For applicants from Russia and Ukraine, periods of study are relevant for the university entrance qualification. If you have already studied in your home country, please upload a Transcript of Records together with your university entrance qualification documents.