Master's Program in Business Informatics

Studying Business Informatics at the University of Mannheim is a unique experience, especially so since there is an entire school dedicated to business informatics and mathematics. The broad range of courses offered in English demonstrates the university’s international orientation. And if you study in Mannheim, you will also have classes in a baroque palace, something few other universities have. Being a master’s student here therefore fills me with a lot of pride.

Arnold Pernoca, master’s program in Business Informatics / Photo credit: Ye Fung Tchen
  • Program facts and information

    Degree: Master of Science (M.Sc.)

    Standard period of study: 4 semesters (2 years)

    ECTS credits: approx. 120

    Language of instruction: English

    Language requirements: English; for further information see Admission requirements and selection

    Program start: Fall semester (September) and spring semester (February)
    Academic calendar

    School: School of Business Informatics and Mathematics

    Semester fee: €194.30 (further information)
    Tuition fees for international students from non-EU countries: €1,500
    Tuition fees for a second degree: €650

  • Program overview

    The master’s program in Business Informatics, which is taught in English, is interdisciplinary in nature. It combines aspects of Informatics with aspects of Business Administration, and provides you with the opportunity to explore the two areas further. The decision which area you would like to focus on more strongly is totally up to you.

    The master’s program places great emphasis on putting theoretical knowledge into practice, and we cooperate with renowned partners from the corporate world. An integral part of the program is the team project. Students work on it for one or two semesters, thereby acquiring expert knowledge in their field and developing social skills, such as project management and team work abilities.

    The program is concluded with a master’s thesis, which can be written in cooperation with a company.

  • Why study Business Informatics at the University of Mannheim?

    The number of students enrolled in this master's program is relatively small. Therefore, they benefit from a superb student-to-faculty ratio.

    The University of Mannheim is part of a global network. The university’s ties to more than 450 partner universities all over the world do not only impact life on campus, but also open numerous doors to those students who wish to go abroad.

     According to a survey carried out by the Wirtschaftswoche magazine, graduates of Business Informatics are very likely to find a good job. Many large companies, including SAP, BASF, or Siemens, are headquartered in the Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region. The school itself is also very well connected with the corporate world. Students can benefit from these connections when looking for a job or when writing their master’s thesis.

  • Career opportunities

    Our graduates have excellent career prospects.

    IT experts are highly sought after in the private sector. Depending on your interests, you can opt for different career paths:

    You can work in one of the core IT occupations, for example as a software developer, software architect, system engineer, or web developer. Other occupations combine IT with other fields, such as IT consultants, in-house consultants, IT project managers, and IT controllers. If you choose an IT-related profession, you will usually carry out data processing activities or use available software applications.

    Graduates of the master's program in Business Informatics hold positions in start-ups or established companies, for example SAP, Deutsche Bank, or Microsoft.

    They are also qualified to pursue a doctoral degree, paving the way for a career in academia.

  • Required interests and skills

    Students of Business Informatics should:

    • be enthusiastic about IT and (among other things) like programming,
    • have a keen interest in economics and business administration,
    • like working in a team,
    • be capable of abstract thinking,
    • have a good level of English proficiency.
  • Program structure

    Module catalog
    The module catalog gives you an overview of the courses and their content.

    Studying abroad
    The University of Mannheim is partners with 450 universities around the world. In collaboration with the International Office, the school can help you plan a period of study abroad. In the master's program in Business Informatics, studying abroad is optional.

    Completing an internship during the master's program is optional. If you would like to do a voluntary internship, the school will be in the best position to assist you with the organization thanks to its first-rate corporate connections.

  • Doctorates

    Graduates of the master’s program in Business Informatics can pursue a doctorate at a chair or they can apply for a structured doctoral program. The program managers will be happy to provide you with information on your options.

    Doctoral programs and opportunities at the School of Business Informatics and Mathematics
    General information on doctoral studies at the University of Mannheim

  • Admission requirements and selection

    Applicants need to have a bachelor’s degree in Business Informatics to be admitted to the master’s program in Business Informatics. A degree in a different field is sufficient if it is recognized as equivalent by the admissions committee. The following requirements must be met:

    • a total of 30 ECTS credits in informatics (8 of which must have been obtained in programming),
    • a total of 30 ECTS credits in economics/business administration or business informatics,
    • a total of 18 ECTS credits in mathematics or statistics.

    You must fulfill these requirements by the time you enroll in the program; it is not possible to provide proof of those requirements at a later date.

    We take a variety of criteria into account in our selection process:

    • (current) grade average achieved in your bachelor’s degree,
    • relevant work experience in the fields of business and commerce, informatics and computer science, or comparable areas,
    • any extraordinary achievements or special qualifications which demonstrate that you are a suitable candidate for the master's program (e.g. publication of a research article),
    • period of study abroad.

    Language requirements
    You must be very proficient in English. We accept the following as proof of language proficiency:

    • a university entrance qualification from a school with English as the language of instruction,
    • the successful completion of a program of study at a higher education institution with English as the language of instruction and examination,

    Conditional admission
    If you have not yet completed your bachelor’s program by the application deadline, you may still be admitted to the master’s program as long as you provide proof that you have obtained at least 130 ECTS credits. In this case, your admission to the program is subject to receipt of your degree certificate by a specified point in time (refer to selection statutes).

    Selection statutes
    Under “Admission requirements and selection” we have compiled the most important selection criteria of the program for you. For more detailed explanations of the selection process and the legally binding requirements of the degree program, please refer to the selection statutes.

  • Application

    Application deadline
    Please note
    Due to the current situation in light of the coronavirus pandemic, we have modified our application deadlines.
    The application deadline for the spring semester 2022 will start on 15 October and will end on 15 November 2021.

    Shortly, we will announce the application deadline for the fall semester 2022/2023.


Contact the School of Business Informatics and Mathematics

Contact the School of Business Informatics and Mathematics

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Student Advisory for the Business Informatics Degree Program

Student Advisory for the Business Informatics Degree Program

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Admissions Office

Admissions Office

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