Emergency Fund for Ukrainian and Russian Researchers

The war in Ukraine has meant that many academic researchers have lost everything. The University of Mannheim and University of Mannheim Foundation have set up an emergency fund for early-stage researchers affected by the war.

The war in Ukraine is an attack on fundamental values such as democracy, rule of law, and human rights, which are also essential for academic freedom. Many Ukrainian scholars have lost their homes, jobs, and in the worst cases even family and friends. Some are still in the war zone, others have fled the country. The most fortunate have already found a temporary home in Germany or elsewhere. In Russia, meanwhile, many people – including many academics – have had the courage to stand up to the war, despite all the repression. As a result, they are now forced to fight for their freedom and their livelihoods. On top of all the danger, loss, and anxieties this war has brought with it, those affected currently lack any certainty about the future.

The University of Mannheim and University of Mannheim Foundation set up the Ukraine Emergency Fund to support displaced and at-risk early-stage researchers from Ukraine and Russia who are in financial need due to the war. The emergency fund aims to support twelve recipients for a maximum of twelve months so that they can continue their academic work (for example their doctoral studies) at the University of Mannheim. This support will cover a one-off grant toward travel costs, a basic allowance to cover rent and living expenses in the Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region, and an additional allowance for any children. The fund needs to raise a total of EUR 300,000. 

Learn more on the website of the Ukraine Emergency Fund.

Text: Dr. Maartje Koschorreck / October 2022