Harvard Business School Awards Climate Fellowship to Gunther Glenk

Gunther Glenk, Assistant Professor of Business at the University of Mannheim, has been awarded a Climate Fellowship from Harvard Business School (HBS) in the US. The cohort of six awarded scholars from around the world will work at the intersection of business and climate change, focusing on developing solutions for companies to mitigate and adapt to global climate change.

Press Release of 25 July 2023
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Professor Glenk’s research examines challenges and opportunities related to corporate transitions toward zero net emissions. Zero net emissions mean that a company’s emissions are removed from the atmosphere by reduction measures, so that the company has a net-zero carbon footprint. The business expert specifically works on topics like the economics and management of corporate carbon emissions, decarbonization and sustainable energy technologies, and incentives for accelerated climate action.

“Many companies worldwide now have articulated ambitious climate targets. But most are struggling to identify cost-efficient pathways to substantial emissions reductions and to report their progress in an accurate and reliable manner,” says Professor Glenk. “At Harvard Business School, I will be in an excellent environment to contribute towards developing decision tools for managers to navigate both challenges.”

The Professor of Business at the University of Mannheim is the only researcher located in Germany who was selected for the fellowship in this year’s call for applications. The fellows stay in Boston for a maximum of two years. Besides Glenk, HBS has also awarded fellowships to Omar Asensio (Georgia Institute of Technology), Conor Hickey (University of Oxford), Andrew Hoffman (University of Michigan), Jonas Meckling (University of California Berkeley) and Robyn Meeks (Duke University). The six Climate Fellows who will take up their research work in July will work together with teachers and researchers from different schools, initiatives, and units of Harvard University.

For more information on the fellowship, please see the press release of Harvard Business School.

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