Press Releases 2023


13 December 2023
A Rocky Road to More Educational Equality in sub-Saharan-Africa
What are the chances of going to and completing primary school for children in sub-Saharan countries? A current study of Professor Dr. Ilze Plavgo, Professor of Sociology at the University of Mannheim, shows that educational attainment in these countries is characterized by low social mobility.


21 November 2023
Students of the Master’s Programs in Business Administration, Business Informatics and Economics at the University of Mannheim Benefit from Excellent Study Conditions
According to the current ranking of master’s programs published by the Centre for Higher Education CHE, the master’s programs in Business Administration and Business Informatics at the University of Mannheim rank among the top entries in all ten categories of the student survey. The master’s program in Economics at the University of Mannheim is among the top entries in nine of ten categories of the student survey.

15 November 2023
Hydrogen Near Tipping Point to Accelerate Decarbonization, New Research Shows
Hydrogen is poised to accelerate the global energy transition as the industry exhibits steep learning curves and finds ways to produce the gas more efficiently and at lower cost, according to a new study from researchers at the University of Mannheim and Harvard Business School.

6 November 2023
GBP Monitor November: Companies Are Skeptical About the Investment-Promotion Effect of the Growth Opportunities Act
The Growth Opportunities Act, which is about to be passed, aims to promote investments in Germany and to counteract economic crises. But can the planned measures deliver what they promise?


14 September 2023
A Second Life for Electric Car Batteries
Mannheim scientists develop a decision model for retired lithium-ion batteries.


28 August 2023
People Misjudge the Amount of Sugar in Foods – Limited Information Can Already Help
If people know the sugar content of certain foods and drinks, they are more able to estimate the correct amount of sugar in other foods. This is the result of a psychological study at the University of Mannheim.

25 August 2023
Corporate Emissions Inflict Significant Costs on Society / Disclosure Could Help Reduce Emissions
The average societal costs caused by corporate carbon emissions roughly equal 44 percent of the firms’ operating profits. This is shown in a new study conducted by researchers from the University of Chicago as well as the Graduate School of Economic and Social Sciences (GESS) of the University of Mannheim and the Collaborative Research Center TRR 266 Accounting for Transparency (TRR 266). Mandatory disclosure would provide the data necessary for efficient climate policies and market signals, as well as possibly increase pressure on companies to reduce emissions.

18 August 2023
GBP Monitor: Almost One Third of Companies Demand Fewer Disclosure Requirements
The German Business Panel asked and companies answered: In July almost one third of companies demanded fewer disclosure requirements. Amongst them are mainly small companies that have access to fewer resources and qualified personnel.


25 July 2023
Harvard Business School Awards Climate Fellowship to Gunther Glenk
Gunther Glenk, Assistant Professor of Business at the University of Mannheim, has been awarded a Climate Fellowship from Harvard Business School (HBS) in the US.

17 July 2023
GBP Monitor July: Gap between Companies’ Expectations and the Governments’ Tax Policy
Last week, the federal government announced a legislative package that is expected to provide six billion euros in annual relief to companies. The tax rates on company profits are to remain the same. The July report of the German Business Panel (GBP) at the University of Mannheim shows that the government’s tax policy and the companies’ expectations do not match.

14 July 2023
Drones Delivering Lab Samples Offer Much Potential for City Logistics
After three years, researchers of the Institute for Enterprise Systems (InES) of the University of Mannheim and six other project partners have successfully completed the “mobil-e-Hub” project.

3 July 2023
University of Mannheim: University Alliance ENGAGE.EU Receives Funding for Another Four Years from the EU
For three years the University of Mannheim has been forming the alliance ENGAGE.EU with six European partner universities. Today, the European Commission has communicated continued funding until 2027. Altogether the funds amount to 14.4 million euros.


26 June 2023
Does evening “recovery” affect a person’s mood at work the next day?
Researchers at the University of Mannheim found that the mood with which people start work in the morning is impacted by the quality of their recovery the evening before.

12 June 2023
GBP Monitor June: More than Half of the Companies Implement Environmental and Climate Protection Measures but Financial Targets Dominate in Measuring Success
What do companies do to reach the so-called ESG goals that means environmental, social and governance goals? The latest report of the German Business Panel (GBP) shows a mixed picture: 52 percent of all companies say that they are advocate for environment and climate protection. However, for only 15 percent of those companies non-financial key figures are central criteria for their strategic direction.


15 May 2023
GBP Monitor May: Increased Business Taxes Would Also Lead to Higher Prices and Staff Cuts
If taxes on business profits were to rise, this would not only affect companies but also customers: On average, they would have to pay for 20 percent of the additional burden – in the form of price increases. However, the staff would also be affected, because companies would compensate for 15 percent of the additional burden by laying off staff or reducing their salary.

10 May 2023
Eckhard Janeba Now Chair of the Board of Academic Advisors of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action
Professor Eckhard Janeba, Professor of Economics at the University of Mannheim is the new chair of the Board of Academic Advisors of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action.

10 May 2023
CHE University Ranking: University of Mannheim Offers Excellent Conditions for Studying
Economics at the University of Mannheim achieves best results nationwide / Business Administration and Law receive top rankings / Business Informatics ranks in the leading group in most categories

5 May 2023
New EU Report on Why Women in Academia Need Special Support Even After the Pandemic
The European Commission has published a new report (Policy Report) on the consequences the coronavirus pandemic has had on women in research and development. A central finding is that female early-stage researchers, in particular, are suffering from the consequences of the pandemic and need more support. This is the key result of the study conducted by the working group headed by Marc Lerchenmüller, researcher at the Business School of the University of Mannheim, which focused on women in the early career stage. In total, 14 researchers from all over Europe have formed four working groups on different topics and worked on the report.


25 April 2023
Professor Leif Döring Has Received Medal of the International Mathematical Society IMS
The US-based Institute of Mathematical Statistics (IMS) has honored the Professor of Mathematics at the University of Mannheim for organizing a virtual One World Symposium at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.

18 April 2023
How To Get Your Children to Eat More Fruits and Vegetables
Children will eat more fruits and vegetables if families take more time to eat meals. This is the result of a new study of health psychologist Professor Jutta Mata from the University of Mannheim and Professor Ralph Hertwig, Director at the Center for Adaptive Rationality of the Max Planck Institute for Human Development in Berlin.

14 April 2023
GBP Monitor: No All-Clear for Inflation in 2024
Despite predictions of the German Bundesbank for an inflation rate decrease to 4.1 percent, companies are still expecting an inflation rate of more than 8 percent for 2024 and are increasing their prices further.


29 March 2023
International QS Ranking: The University of Mannheim Is Germany’s Best University in Economics and Business Administration Again
In the worldwide comparison of the “QS World University Rankings by Subject 2023”, the University of Mannheim ranked number 122 in the Social Sciences and Management category. In the areas of Accounting & Finance and Business & Management Studies, it ranks first in Germany once again.

28 March 2023
New Approach in Statistics Uses Smartphones instead of Diaries
Mannheim data scientist Professor Florian Keusch and researchers from six other European countries have received a grant for a new project of the European Commission and EUROSTAT, the statistical office of the European Union.

23 March 2023
ZEW and University of Mannheim Receive 1.6 Million Euros for Joint Tax Research
The Leibniz ScienceCampus MannheimTaxation, a joint initiative of ZEW Mannheim and the University of Mannheim, will receive 1.2 million euros in research funding from the Leibniz Association over a period of four years.

17 March 2023
Universities call on G7 leaders to prioritize and advance peace and security
More than 75 members of the international university alliance U7+ met this week prior to the G7 summit in Japan / University of Mannheim in leading role

15 March 2023
GBP Monitor: Fast Internet Is More Important to Companies than Low Trade Tax
A well-developed digital infrastructure with a strong network and the availability of a qualified local workforce are more important to companies when selecting their location than low municipal taxes and fees.

7 March 2023
Online Information Event for Prospective Students
On 28 March 2023, prospective master's students from all over the world can inform themselves about the master's programs at the University of Mannheim and campus life in the so-called Quadratestadt Mannheim (“city of squares”).


15 February 2023
GBP Monitor: Property Tax Reform – Digital Transformation Paralyzed by Current Cost-Benefit-Ratio
Companies are very slow in implementing digitalization measures relating to the property tax reform.


11 January 2023
Are Zero-Emission Coaches also Economically Viable?
Researchers at the Mannheim Institute for Sustainable Energy Studies (MISES) at the University of Mannheim are collaborating with Daimler Buses and other partners to develop a concept for zero-emission coaches powered by all-electric drive systems.

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