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New on Wikipedia: Brilliant Women and Pioneers of Medical Studies
As part of a seminar in linguistics about the online encyclopedia Wikipedia, students at the University of Mannheim created a total of 24 Wikipedia articles about important women, many of whom came from Mannheim and the surrounding area.
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Two Mannheim Students Elected to Top Committees of ENGAGE.EU University Alliance
Marco Rupp and Sandro Dorian Mochan from the University of Mannheim join the Board of Learners of the European University
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German Business Panel Surprised That Dissatisfaction Among Companies Grows
Contrary to the December estimate, the profits of German companies decreased considerably in January. At the same time, companies are increasingly dissatisfied, since many of them are disappointed by the government aids. These are the central findings of the latest coronavirus survey conducted by ...
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More Immigrants Launch Their Businesses in Technological and Knowledge-Intensive Sectors
A recent study of the Center for SME Research and Entrepreneurship (ifm) at the University of Mannheim has found that, in Germany, there is an increase of business founders with a migrant background. Their businesses are mainly founded in technology and knowledge-intensive sectors.
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University of Mannheim Receives Funding for Implementation of Training Program “Cultural Innopreneurship”
As part of the EU’s European Universities Initiative, the University of Mannheim will, until 2023, develop a new certificate program. The program is, in particular, for students and professionals in the cultural sector. The program is funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) with ...
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Free Online Course Equips Teachers and Students with Data Literacy Skills for Digital Teaching and Learning
As of 1 March, an alliance of higher education institutions and companies, including the University of Mannheim and six international partners, will offer a free online course (MOOC) as part of a certificate program designed for anyone interested in acquiring competencies in analyzing educational ...
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Hans Albert is 100 Years Old
The sociologist, philosopher and professor emeritus of the University of Mannheim, Prof. em. Dr. rer. pol. Dr. h.c. mult. Hans Albert , celebrated his 100th birthday on 8 February.
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New Course Catalog of the Guest Student and Senior Citizen Program
The course catalog of the Guest Student and Senior Citizen Program for the spring semester is now available online.
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University of Mannheim Supports Schools in Socially Challenging Environments
As part of the national project named “Schule macht stark – SchuMas” (School makes you strong), educational researcher Prof. Karina Karst and her team at the University of Mannheim will support and advise 50 schools in the South of Germany. For this purpose, the University of Mannheim will receive ...
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A Smart City Also Has to Be a Social City
Mannheim researchers receive one million euros funding from the Volkswagen Foundation to research the impact of smart cities on social inequality. They use real-life cases to analyze the impact of artificial intelligence on urban life in the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan area.