How to Teach Children the Basics of IT Security
In the SuperCyberKids project, funded by the European Union as part of Erasmus+, an innovative cybersecurity game for children aged 8 to 13 will be developed. A professor of Economic and Business Education of the University of Mannheim has developed the competency model which is the basis of the ...
Does evening “recovery” affect a person’s mood at work the next day?
Researchers at the University of Mannheim found that the mood with which people start their work is impacted by the quality of their recovery the evening before.
ENGAGE.EU Science Communication Workshop
Vienna University of Economics and Business invites PhD students to a three-day workshop on science communication in September 2023.
Trump’s punitive tariffs against China hurt the U.S. most of all
A new study led by Lei Li, Assistant Professor of Applied Microeconomics at the University of Mannheim, shows that nearly 100 percent of U.S. punitive tariffs were borne by American importers from 2017 to 2019.
GBP Monitor June: More than Half of the Companies Implement Environmental and Climate Protection Measures but Financial Targets Dominate in Measuring Success
What do companies do to reach the so-called ESG goals that means environmental, social and governance goals? The latest report of the German Business Panel (GBP) shows a mixed picture: 52 percent of all companies say that they are advocate for environment and climate protection. However, for only 15 ...
University of Mannheim Once Again Certified as a Family-Friendly University
Once again, the University of Mannheim has successfully completed the audit familiengerechte hochschule of berufundfamilie Service GmbH. This confirms the university’s high development level and its sustainable commitment to personnel policies which take the employees’ family responsibilities and ...
Professor Florian Stahl Supports SWR in Emissions Scandal Survey
Are emission scandal lawsuits becoming a business model? A survey of the Südwestrundfunk (SWR) broadcasting corporation tried to answer this question. Marketing expert Florian Stahl monitored the process from a scientific point of view.
Does Transparency Help to Tackle the Challenges Societies Are Facing Today?
The German Research Foundation extends the funding for the Collaborative Research Center TRR 266 “Accounting for Transparency”. The University of Mannheim is one of three universities which applied for funding. As part of the CRC 266, the German Business Panel (GBP), which is based in Mannheim, ...
The Universitätstag 2023: Awards, Honors, and the Development of the University
President Thomas Puhl gives an overview of current successes and future developments. The alumni network of TU Berlin receives the Hans Raffée Alumni Networking Prize. The University Medal was awarded to Professor Thomas König and Michael Meckel (Ekkehard Foundation). Health psychologist Professor ...
Four Teachers Receive University of Mannheim’s Teaching Award
Their commitment is outstanding: Two teachers and a teaching team have received the University of Mannheim’s Teaching Award in 2023 for their excellent teaching achievements.