International Shanghai Ranking: University of Mannheim Again Leading in Economics and Social Sciences
The University of Mannheim has been ranked the best German university in Finance and Business Administration. In Sociology, the University of Mannheim has improved and is now ranked number two in Germany.
First Issue of “MZES Fokus” Examines the Behavior of Young People During the Pandemic
The new series “MZES Fokus”, published by the Mannheim Centre for European Social Research, primarily addresses target groups outside academia. The first issue focuses on the behavior of young adults during the Covid-19 pandemic.
University of Mannheim Honors Outstanding Teaching Achievements
This year’s Teaching Awards go to a professor from the School of Business Informatics and Mathematics and a teacher from the School of Humanities. With the Teaching Awards, the University of Mannheim honors their outstanding teaching performance.
5G Network Helps Emergency Medical Services
Together with the Verband Region Rhein-Neckar and the University Medical Centre in Mannheim, the Institute for Enterprise Systems (InES) of the University of Mannheim works on using the new 5G standard for cellular networks in Emergency Medical Services. The aim is to provide the emergency task ...
University of Mannheim Business School Is Founding Member of a New European Business School Network
New “European Management Track” for business master’s students is being launched in cooperation with business schools from Denmark, France and Spain.
Remembering Professor Raffée
The University of Mannheim, the Business School and Mannheim’s alumni association ABSOLVENTUM e.V. mourn the loss of Professor Raffée. He passed away on 11 May 2021 at the age of 91. Raffée was holder of the chair of Business Administration and Marketing II at the University of Mannheim, until he ...
Schlossfest of the University of Mannheim Canceled
The Schlossfest of the University of Mannheim, which was scheduled for 11 September 2021, will not take place due to the coronavirus pandemic / 17th Schlossfest postponed to September 10, 2022
Free Speech at Universities: A New Approach in a Controversial Debate
Criticism and counter-criticism are often part of scientific controversies. An example for this is the study on free speech at universities which led to a heated debate at the end of last year. In an innovative follow-up project, initiated at the University of Mannheim, researchers now want to bring ...
The University of Mannheim Is the Best State University in Political Science
CHE University Ranking 2021: University of Mannheim Offers Excellent Conditions for Studying
New Electric Car for the University Post Office
By buying another electric car, the share of electric cars in the vehicle fleet of the University of Mannheim has risen to 50 percent. From now on, the employees of the university post office will use the car to collect the university mail from the various institutions on campus and to distribute ...