Professor Leif Döring Has Received Medal of the International Mathematical Society IMS

The US-based Institute of Mathematical Statistics (IMS) has honored the Professor of Mathematics at the University of Mannheim for organizing a virtual One World Symposium at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.

Press Release of 25 April 2023
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Professor Döring has received the medal for initiating and taking over a leadership role in the organization of the Bernoulli IMS One World Symposium in August 2020. The world congress, which was scheduled to take place in Seoul, had to be canceled due to the pandemic. The Mannheim mathematician and his committee have organized an innovative and highly successful symposium with more than 3,000 participants from all over the world. The symposium with exciting live presentations and more than 600 video presentations was an outstanding platform for early-stage researchers.

Leadership role in shaping virtual research and teaching
During the coronavirus pandemic, the University of Mannheim has taken over a national and international leadership role in shaping online research and teaching practices. In research, various virtual conferences have been organized to give early-stage researchers opportunities for further development during the pandemic. Now that the pandemic has ended, the series of One World colloquiums continues to exist in various areas of mathematics, physics, or psychology. The goal is to spread research results and to develop sustainable research communication concepts.

About the Institute of Mathematical Statistics (IMS)
The IMS is an international scientific society with the goal to develop, spread, and apply research results in statistics and probability. The institute has about 4,000 members and publishes the important research journals in the field of mathematical statistics and probability theory.

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