Competence centre “Studying Successfully in Mannheim – ErStiMA”

The goal of the University of Mannheim is to give as many students as possible equal opportunities to study with success – irrespective of their gender, ethnic and social background, or individual circumstances. To this end, it is necessary to provide study conditions and an environment that cater to the individual requirements of the different student groups. By maintaining, expanding and continuously developing its vast offer of advisory services and assistance, the project “Studying Successfully in Mannheim – ErStiMA” (short for “Erfolgreich Studieren in Mannheim”) makes a contribution to reaching this goal.

Funding by the “Fonds Erfolgreich Studieren in Baden-Württemberg” (FESt-BW)

The Ministry of Science, Research and Arts Baden-Württemberg has created the "Fonds Erfolgreich Studieren in Baden-Württemberg – FESt-BW” (fund for studying successfully in Baden-Württemberg) with five funding lines and a total volume of 100 million euros. The objective is to promote successful studies and student success at higher education institutions in Baden-Württemberg on a long-term basis. The University of Mannheim’s application for its project “Studying Successfully in Mannheim – ErStiMA” was approved by the Ministry and has received a funding amount of 3.6 million euros for a time frame of five years.

Information for prospective students