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Second Degree

If you successfully complete a degree at a German higher education institution by July 15 (application deadline), you can only be granted admission to a selective bachelor's program through the quota of applicants for a second degree.

Application Process

You Need to Submit the Following Documents

  • Application for admission form

    To apply to the university, you must sign and submit the original version of your completed application form. Once you have finished your online application, you will be able to download a PDF file containing your application form from the online application portal. If you are not in Germany during the application period, we recommend that you issue a letter of authorization so that somebody you trust can act on your behalf. 

  • University entrance qualification

    If you hold a German university entrance qualification, you must submit a notarized copy of it.
    Find out more about notarization.

    If you obtained your qualification abroad, you usually need to submit a notarized copy of the document issued by the Department of Evaluation and Recognition which recognizes you qualification as equivalent to a German qualification. 
    Find out more about the recognition of foreign qualifications

  • Degree certificate from your first program of study

    You must also include a notarized copy of the degree certificate from your first program of study as part of your application. 
    Find out more about notarization

  • Proof of previous periods of study

    We have to be aware of all periods of study that you have completed in Germany. Please provide the relevant documents of proof as part of your application. For example:

    • Enrollment Certificate
    • Confirmation of disenrollment
    • Transcript of records
    • Enrollment verification certificate
  • Letter of motivation

    You must include a letter of motivation in your application which explains why you want to obtain a second degree. It should not be longer than two A4 pages.

  • CV

    You need a detailed, current curriculum vitae (CV).

  • Aptitude test

    Applicants to bachelor’s programs have to include proof that they have taken an aptitude test with their application. This document doesn’t contain your results. It just proves that you have taken the test. You can find the aptitude tests, which are only available in German, here:

    What shall I study?
    By taking the aptitude test, you can find out which programs best suit you. You’ll be given a certificate once the test is completed.
    What shall I study?

    SIT Orientation Test
    As an alternative to the aptitude test, we also accept a certificate which proves you have taken the Studium-Interessentest (SIT), an orientation test created by the Higher Education Compass.

    Career Counselling for Teachers
    If you are applying for a teacher education program or the bachelor’s program in Economic and Business Education, you must include a document proving you have completed the Career Counselling for Teachers.

  • Proof of language proficiency

    Proof of language proficiency is required for the following bachelor's programs (further details are provided in the respective selection statutes):

    • Business Administration
    • Business Informatics
    • Current English Linguistics and Literary Studies

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many applications can I submit?

    As an applicant for a second degree, you may only submit one application for admission to the first semester of a selective bachelor's program. You may submit other applications for admission to an advanced semester or to the first semester of non-selective programs.

  • What are the selection criteria?

    If the number of applicants is higher than the study places available through the quota, a ranking list is put together. Points are allocated for the grade you achieved in your final examinationin your first degree program and for the reasons why you want to take up a second degree. Applicants are then ranked according to the number of points.

    If you completed your first degree program in Germany, your final examination grade is converted into points using the following scale:

    • Excellent (“ausgezeichnet”) and very good (“sehr gut”) – 4 points
    • Good (“gut”) and very satisfactory (“voll befriedigend”) – 3 points
    • Satisfactory (“befriedigend”) – 2 points
    • Fair (“ausreichend”) – 1 point
    • If you do not provide any proof of the grade you achieved in your final examination, you will be awarded 1 point.

    Reasons for taking up a second degree are awarded the points according to the following scale:

    Compelling job-related reasons (9 points)
    These reasons are present if the profession you are aspiring to can only be practiced with two degrees.

    Scientific reasons (7 to 11 points)
    Such reasons exist if you are pursing a qualification in another subject for a later career in science and research which is based on your scientific and practical activities to date.

    Specific job-related reasons (7 points)
    These reasons are present if, by obtaining a second degree that logically supplements your first degree, your professional situation will be significantly improved. This is the case if the profession you are pursuing by completing a second degree is seen as a combination of the fields of activity specific to two degree programs, which is usually not practiced by graduates of just one of the degree programs, and you can prove that you are aspiring to this profession.

    Other job-related reasons (4 points)
    These reasons exist if your professional situation means that a second degree is required for other reasons, in particular to compensate for an unfair professional disadvantage or to increase the opportunities open to you in the profession.

    None of the above reasons (1 point)

  • How can I correct a mistake on my application form?

    If you made a mistake on your application form, you can correct it, by hand, on the printed version of the form. Please make sure any corrections are easy to read. The corrected information will then be entered into our database once we receive your application. You do not need to delete the application and start again.

    Please note: You cannot change the degree program(s) to which you are applying in this way. To change program, you must delete your existing application and start again.

  • How can I check the status of my application?

    You can check the status of your application on the Application Management section of the portal.

  • When are the official notifications sent out?

    Usually, we begin sending out official letters of admission to the first semester of a bachelor's program in early August. If you apply for a degree program where study places are allocated using the dialog-oriented service procedure (, you will receive your official notification soon after you accept your offer of admission.

  • What is the difference between the official notification sent out by post and the one sent electronically?

    When applying online, you are asked whether you would like to receive your official notification electronically or by post. This does not alter the content of the official notification. You will receive the same document regardless of the option you choose. 
    Receiving the notification electronically is, naturally, faster than receiving it by post. You receive an e-mail from us which informs you that the official notification can be downloaded from the online application portal. If you live outside of Germany, you should choose to receive your official notification electronically.

  • When does the lecture period begin and end?

    The University of Mannheim is the first public higher education institution in Germany to align its academic calendar with the international academic year. The orientation weeks for freshmen and exchange students always take place in the week before the lecture period begins. View the academic calendar

  • How much does a second degree cost?

    In Baden-Württemberg, students who already hold a German university degree are required to pay tuition fees for second degree students in addition to the semester fee. The fee totals €650 per semester.