Practical Experience

When asked to enter your extracurricular activities, please list your internships, voluntary work, jobs, etc.
Please select the respective type of activity from the menu and indicate the amount of hours per week as precisely as possible. Please also enter the start and end dates of the activity. Please further indicate if the activity was completed abroad or if you completed vocational training as part of your activity.

Please note that you can only enter activities that you can provide proof of. The start and end dates as well as the specific tasks of the activity have to be stated on the document of proof.
We provide standardized forms in German and English that you can complete as proof of an activity. All documents need to be signed and stamped by your employer.

  • Vocational Training

    If you select “Vocational Training” as the type of activity, you will need to indicate if you completed the training (yes/no) and supply proof accordingly.

  • Military, Civilian or Voluntary Service (FSJ/FÖJ)

    This section is also where you can enter any military, civilian or voluntary service (FSJ/FÖJ). It will be taken into account separately for preferential consideration for a study place.


  • Internship

    If you have completed a paid or unpaid activity that was considered an internship, please select “Internship”. It doesn’t matter if your internship was with a company or organization in the private or public sector.

  • Mandatory Internship

    Please also enter any mandatory internships that you may have completed during a (previous) program of study.


  • Job

    If you did paid work, such as delivering newspapers or work in the service or retail industry, please select “Job”. It doesn’t matter if your internship was with a company or organization in the private or public sector.

  • Work Experience

    If you have completed vocational training and held a position in the respective field afterwards, please select “Work Experience” and submit a copy of your letter of reference.


  • Voluntary Work

    If you did voluntary work, e.g. for an environmental organization, youth groups in a church or a political party, please select “Voluntary Work”.

  • Practical Final Thesis

    If you wrote your final thesis at a company, please select “Practical Final Thesis”.


  • DHBW Program

    If you are currently studying in or have completed a degree program at the DHBW, please select “DHBW Program”.


  • School Activities

    If you have participated in school activities, such as a club, student government, etc., please select “School Activities”.


  • Other

    Please enter all activities that don’t match any of the above.

When entering your extracurricular activities (internships, jobs, etc.), please also select a category for each activity. You can select categories from two drop-down menus.
You only have to select one category, unless more than one of them applies to the activity. In that case, you can use both drop-down menus to describe your activity more accurately.
Example: Tutor for Business Administration, Category Business and Teaching.

Categories Example Activities
IT Programming, web services and design, database maintenance, EDP services, information management, etc.
Journalism/PR Editorial activities, student magazine, press, broadcasting, advertising, PR, etc.
Arts Activities in theaters, museums, galleries, etc.
Teaching Tutor, teacher, adult education, professional training, etc.
Politics Activities in public administration, peace work, unions, associations, etc.
Law Activities in a law firm, notary’s office, law department, embassy, as a legal assistant, etc.
Business Activities in banking, insurance, whole sale or retail, international trade, tourism, market research, marketing, sales, human resources, organization, financing, etc.
Social Work/Health Services Youth work, disabled care, development work, counseling, nursing, etc.
Unclear Category Above categories don’t apply, but activity is related to program of study
Other Activities in the service industry, babysitting, promotions, etc.

If you have any questions, please contact us via e-mail at or using the contact form.


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