Bachelor's Program in Romance Languages, Literatures and Media

I really like how my program of study involves so many options: I can learn a variety of new languages and am not restricted when choosing seminars. But the main highlight of the program for me is that I can study abroad for a year.

Sophie Wintrich, student of B.A. Romance Languages, Literatures and Media / Private photo
  • Program facts and information

    Degree: Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

    Standard period of study: 8 semesters (4 years)

    ECTS credits: approx. 240

    Language of instruction: French and/or Spanish and/or Italian, German, some courses are taught in English

    Language requirements: This program requires proof of proficiency in German on C1 level, proficiency equivalent to B1 level in at least one of the two Romance languages studied (French, Italian, or Spanish) is recommended. You can attend preparatory language courses at the Department of Romance Languages during your studies.

    Program start: Fall semester (September)
    Academic Calendar

    School: School of Humanities

    Semester fee: €190,30 (more)
    Tuition fees for international students from non-EU countries: €1,500
    Tuition fees for a second degree: €650

  • Program overview

    Through the bachelor's program in Romance Languages, Literatures and Media, students become proficient in two Romance languages. They can choose from French, Spanish and Italian. They also attend beginners courses in a third Romance language such as Catalan or Portuguese.

    The degree program includes an integrated integrated year of study abroad. Courses in cultural and regional studies enable students to develop their intercultural knowledge.

    In the advanced stage of the program, students can choose to specialize in either Literary Studies or Linguistics. They can also choose between broadening their specialized knowledge by attending a research module, or developing skills for a later career by completing a practical module.

  • Why study Romance Languages, Literatures and Media at the University of Mannheim?

    The program combines specialized knowledge of linguistics, literary, cultural, regional and media studies for at least two regions where Romance languages are spoken, with language proficiency and intercultural competencies. It prepares you as much as possible for an international career.

    The Department of Romance Languages at the University of Mannheim has an excellent reputation. The program was awarded top positions in the 2010, 2013, and 2016 CHE university rankings. Our students study three Romance languages and cultures, with focuses placed on modern Linguistics and Literary Studies.

    Students at the School of Humanities value the ability to work in small groups. Academic advisors, program managers, and teachers are happy to answer your questions on the program.

  • Career opportunities

    Studying the B.A. program in Romance Languages, Literatures and Media is the ideal preparation for an international career. Graduates can, for example, work in cultural marketing and management, or in tourism. Other potential employers include international organizations and the Federal Foreign Office. You could also work in journalism, public relations, or marketing.

    Graduates who do outstandingly well in the bachelor’s program can pursue a doctoral program straight away.

  • Required interests and skills

    Students of Romance Studies should:

    • be interested in Italian, French and Spanish languages and literature,
    • want to learn about the cultures and media of Romance countries,
    • read frequently,
    • be very proficient in German and have good English language skills,
    • not be put off by complex texts, theories, and methods,
    • be able to think and work independently, and in a structured and efficient manner,
    • enjoy writing academic texts,
    • be prepared for intensive language learning and self-study.
  • Program structure

    Module catalog
    You can find further details on how the program is structured in the module catalog (only available in German).

    Studying Abroad
    Students are required to spend one year studying at a higher education institution abroad. This year abroad is usually completed in the third year of the program. The Department of Romance Languages is partners with selected universities abroad, and ensures that the modules available there are compatible with the degree program in Mannheim. The School of Humanities and the International Office can help you to plan your year of study abroad.

    A ten-week internship in Germany or abroad is integrated into the program of study. The Careers Advice Service can help you to find an internship, create your application documents, and advise you on the recognition of internships.

    Sample course schedule
    You should study these courses in the first semester, if you start in both languages studied at level B1. Students with a lower level of language proficiency will instead receive language training in the first semester.

  • Further study

    The following degree programs are (mainly) taught in German:

    Master’s program in Intercultural German Studies (M.A.)  

    Master’s program in Literature, Media and Culture in the Modern Era (M.A.)  

    Master’s program in Language and Communication (M.A.)  

    You can also begin a doctoral program at the University of Mannheim straight after graduating from the bachelor’s program.

  • Application and selection

    We take the following criteria into account in our selection process:

    • the grade average achieved in your university entrance qualification,
    • the grades achieved in German, English, and your first and second Romance languages,
    • relevant work experience and extracurricular activities,
    • a language certificate in a Romance language,
    • very good level of proficiency in German (C1 or better).

    Selection statutes
    You can find the exact requirements for the program in the selection statutes, which are only available in German.

    Please note:

    Due to the current coronavirus crisis, the application deadline will be postponed. You can apply from July 6 to August 20. 
    Read more: Pages of the Admissions Office

    Normally, the following deadlines apply:
    You can apply from May 15 to July 15.


    Aptitude test
    Applicants are required to take an aptitude test, such as What shall I study? or the SIT orientation test, which are both only available in German. They must then submit proof that they have completed the test with their application.

    Admission to an advanced semester
    If you want to apply for an advanced semester, please contact Ms. Dörr in the Admissions Office.

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