Members of the Senate

In accordance with section 1 of the Constitution of the University of Mannheim, the President as the Senate’s chair, the Executive Vice President as well as the equal opportunity commissioner of the university are ex officio members of the Senate. The other 36 members with voting rights are elected representatives from the group of university teachers, the academic staff members, the students, the doctoral students as well as the group of other staff members. Three Vice Presidents as well as a maximum of five deans (if they are not already elected members of the Senate) and a representative of the constituted student body are advisory members of the Senate.

For more details on the Senate’s composition, please see section 1 of the Constitution of the University of Mannheim.


Beate Probst

Beate Probst

Coordinator of Committees and Bodies
University of Mannheim
President's Office
Schloss Ostflügel
68161 Mannheim