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Master's Program in Mathematics in Business and Economics

  • Program facts and information

    Degree: Master of Science (M.Sc.)

    Standard period of study: 4 semesters (2 years)

    ECTS credits: approx. 120

    Language of instruction: German and English

    Language requirements: German (click here for further information)
    English; no proof of language proficiency is required.

    Program start: Fall semester (September) and spring semester (February)
    Academic calendar

    School: School of Business Informatics and Mathematics

    Semester fee: €160.40 (more)
    Tuition fees for international students from non-EU countries: €1,500
    Tuition fees for a second degree: €650

  • Program overview

    The master’s program in Mathematics in Business and Economics is an interdisciplinary program. It is offered by the School of Business Informatics and Mathematics in close collaboration with the Business School and the Department of Economics.

    During the program, students acquire advanced knowledge of mathematics, informatics, and business administration and economics. Depending on the career they would like to pursue and their personal interests, they can decide for themselves how strongly they want to focus on the individual areas.

    They can, for example, specialize in Financial and Insurance Mathematics, Stochastics, and Statistics, as well as in Numerical Analysis and Optimization. In most cases, they will also write their master's thesis in their specialization.

  • Why study Mathematics in Business and Economics at the University of Mannheim?

    Thanks to the close collaboration between the School of Business Informatics and Mathematics, the Business School, and the Department of Economics, you can take advantage of the excellent range of courses available in three different areas.

    High ranking positions
    Studying in Mannheim means studying at one of the most renowned institutions for Economics and Business Administration in Europe. Independent national and international rankings have confirmed the outstanding quality of the research and teaching at our university on a number of occasions.

    Top support
    With only about 40 students, the class size of this program of study is rather small. Our young team of math professors is always happy to answer your study-related questions. 

    The University of Mannheim is part of a global network. The university’s ties to more than 450 partner universities all over the world do not only impact life on campus, but also open numerous doors to those students who wish to go abroad.

  • Career opportunities

    With their knowledge of two different fields, Mathematics and Business Administration or Economics, our graduates can choose from a variety of professions.

    They can, for example, work in the finance and insurance sector (in investment and financing, risk analysis, and risk management) or support managerial staff in questions relating to quality assurance, systems analysis, or planning. They are also qualified for positions that take a more quantitative approach, such as in high-dimensional data analysis and software development.

    Apart from that, they can pursue a doctoral degree, paving the way for a career in academia in Mathematics or a related field.

  • Required interests and skills

    Students of Mathematics in Business and Economics should:

    • be very interested in mathematical problems,
    • like economics and business administration, as a large part of your studies is related to these areas,
    • be disciplined and persistent,
    • be prepared to learn subject material and do homework on your own,
    • be willing to work in a team.
  • Program structure

    Module catalog
    The module catalog, which is only available in German, gives you an overview of the courses and their content.

    Studying abroad
    The University of Mannheim is partners with 450 universities around the world. In collaboration with the International Office, the school can help you plan a period of study abroad. In the master's program in Mathematics in Business and Economics, studying abroad is optional.

    Completing an internship during the master's program is optional. If you would like to do a voluntary internship, the school will be in the best position to assist you with the organization thanks to its first-rate corporate connections.

  • Doctorates

    Graduates who complete their master’s program with very good grades can pursue a doctorate at one of the chairs at the Department of Mathematics or in a another discipline related to mathematics. Please contact the program managers, who will be happy to advise you on this topic.

  • Admission requirements and selection

    Applicants need to have a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics in Business and Economics to be admitted to the master’s program in Mathematics in Business and Economics. A degree in a different field is sufficient if it is recognized as equivalent by the admissions committee. The following requirements must be met:

    • a final grade of 2.8 or better,
    • at least 80 ECTS credits in Mathematics,
    • at least 30 ECTS credits in Economics and/or Business Administration.

    Language requirements
    A good level of proficiency in English is recommended; no proof of language proficiency is required.
    This program requires proof of proficiency in German on C1 level.

    Conditional admission
    If you have not yet completed your bachelor’s program by the application deadline, you may still be admitted to the master’s program as long as you provide proof that you have obtained at least 140 ECTS credits. In this case, your admission to the program is subject to receipt of your degree certificate before you register for your first examination in the master's program (refer to selection statutes).

    Selection statutes
    You can find the exact requirements for the program in the selection statutes, which are only available in German.

  • Application

    Application deadlines
    The application period for the fall semester is from March 15 to May 31. You can also start your program in the spring semester; the application period is from October 1 to November 15.

    Admission to an advanced semester
    If you want to apply for an advanced semester, please contact Ms. Dörr in the Admissions Office.


Elena Boldin, Dipl.-Soz.Wiss.

Elena Boldin, Dipl.-Soz.Wiss.

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