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Information for First-Year Students

Orientation events, finances, student ID cards, finding your way around campus. Here you’ll find all essential information at a glance.

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Information on Your Program of Study

Everything you need to start your program right.

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Orientation Events

PLEASE NOTE: The orientation events usually take place in the week before the lecture period begins. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the beginning of the lecture period for the fall semester 2020/21 was postponed to September 28, 2020. Please find the exact dates for your program on this website.

    Starting your studies right – what you need to do and when you need to do it

  • As soon as possible

    Submit enrollment forms

    By enrolling you are accepting your study place at the university and you will receive a student ID number. Read about the details here.


    Read all the information on your program

    Read the examination regulations and the module catalog for your program in order to be able to plan your degree. All information can be found on the websites for first-year students of the individual schools and on the student portal.

    Information on your program

    Find a place to stay

    The Studierendenwerk manages around 3,000 rooms in 17 residence halls, that spread out through the entire city. Tip: To apply for a spot in a residence hall you do not need to be enrolled. It pays to be quick.



    Financial support through BAföG, scholarships or jobs for students – there are a number of options when it comes to financing your studies. To find the right solution for you, you should look into the various options early on and learn about requirements and deadlines.


    Mark your calendar for the orientation events

    During the first days of the semester a number of orientation events take place. They will help you find your way around campus and university life. The orientation events take place during “zero week”, the week before the lecture period begins.

    Click here for the exact dates


  • In the week before the lecture period

    Get your ecUM

    The ecUM, short for electronic card University of Mannheim, is your student ID, your library ID and means of cashless payment all in one. You will get your card via Mail as soon as your on campus enrollment is completed and you have uploaded a picture of yourself.


    Buy the semester ticket

    The semester ticket allows you to use all public transport in the city of Mannheim and in the whole area of the Rhein-Neckar Verkehrsverbund.

    Semester ticket

    Semester tickt vs evening regulation

    Set up your user ID and password

    You need your student user ID to operate your e-mail account, the library and for accessing the online student portal.

    User ID

    Go to orientation events

    Orientation events help you find your way around the university and campus life. They also are a good opportunity to get in touch with people. Orientation events

    Set up your course schedule and register for courses

    Take a look at the course catalog and select your courses for the first semester. You can register for your courses on the student portal Portal². The orientation events will provide some guidance for setting up your course schedule. Also, the departmental student committees can help.


    ​​​​​​​Find your way around the campus

    Get to know the university.

    Campus tour
    Library tour​​​​​​​

  • During the first weeks of the semester

    Set up the client for access to the university network on your computer

    On campus, every student can access the university network eduroam.

    In order to access the university’s online systems at home you need to install the Cisco VPN AnyConnect Client on your device.

    Wireless Access

    Install VPN client

    Read your examination regulations

    Each degree program has examination regulations which outline the coursework and examinations to be completed by students. This document also contains information on examination deadlines, circumstances in which an examination can be re-taken, the number of ECTS credits required to start the final thesis, and the exact degree awarded.

    Examination regulations

    Learn about exam registration

    You need to register for exams during the semester. The requirements and conditions for registration, withdrawal, late registration, change in registration are different for every program. Exam registration is done via Portal².

    Exam registration

    Register for sports courses

    The Institute of Sports offers a wide range of sports courses. Most of the courses are free of charge.

    Sports program

    Register for language courses, computer courses

    Studium Generale offers a wide range of extracurricular classes: Languages, IT, communication skills, presentation skills

    Studium Generale

General information on getting started at the University

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From Application to Enrollment

Step by step towards your program of study.

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Advice and Services

Our navigation tool will help you find the right advisor.

Who Is Responsible for What?

All central institutions and a list of who is responsible for what at a glance.

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Student housing, single room, or shared apartment? There are various housing options in Mannheim.

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Studying under Special Circumstances

Support for students with children, students caring for a relative, students with a chronic illness or disability.

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Financing and Grants

Scholarships, jobs, or BAföG – there are various ways to finance your studies.

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Find your way around campus and learn more about what Mannheim has to offer.

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International Students

The International Office team supports all international students.