Dr. Tyczka Energy Award for Dr. Gunther Glenk

Dr. Gunther Glenk receives the annual award from the Tyczka Energy Foundation for his doctoral dissertation.

Dr. Gunther Glenk, post-doctoral researcher at the Mannheim Institute for Sustainable Energy Studies, is one of two recipients of the annual Dr. Tyczka energy award. His awarded doctoral dissertation examines the economics of renewable hydrogen in three essays. The analysis “is not only highly relevant to the economy but also very innovative and methodically well done”, said Dr. Tyczka, chairman of the foundation.

Hydrogen could substantially reduce carbon emissions in the world economy, but widespread adoption has so far been withheld by high cost and emissions associated to its production process. Dr. Glenk’s dissertation shows that both limitations are about to vanish as cost of renewable energy declines and advancements in Power-to-Gas technology create new opportunities for the economic production of hydrogen from electricity. One essay of the dissertation has recently been published in Nature Energy under the title “Economics of Converting Renewable Power to Hydrogen.”

Dr. Glenk recently finished his doctoral studies at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) in the domain of sustainable business economics. The award ceremony took place on July 18, 2019, during the 27th workshop of the student chapter of the GEE (association for energy studies and energy politics). The second winner of the award is Dr. Tobias Schmid from FfE for his work on the dynamic modelling of renewable energy systems.

The non-profit Tyczka Energy Foundation was established in 1999 by Dr. Hans-Wolfgang Tyczka in order to promote research in sustainable energy solutions. The guiding belief of the foundation is that the future hinges on solving essential energy issues. The foundation promotes individuals, companies and institutions that contribute through their ideas and projects to the development of a sustainable energy supply for future generations. Since setup in 1999, numerous projects have been sponsored to support outstanding work in the area of energy, industrial gases and environmental protection.