Outstanding! CDSE doctoral student Christina Meyer receives Gerhard Fürst Award

Congratulations to CDSE doctoral student Christina Meyer on receiving the 2021 Gerhard Fürst Award in the category master’s and bachelor’s theses from the German Federal Statistical Office (Destatis) for her master thesis.

This annual award is to recognize outstanding scientific projects that use data from official statistics. In her thesis titled “Gender-specific retirement saving behavior. Evidence from the German Tax Payer Panel”. Christina studied gender-specific saving responses to the introduction of unisex-tariffs in the context of German private pensions (“Riester-Rente”). Specifically, she analyzed whether men were less inclined to sign private pension contracts after the unisex-reform. The empirical analysis was based on tax return data from the German Taxpayer Panel. Cheers to you, Christina! We are celebrating with you!

Read more about the award: https://www.destatis.de/DE/Ueber-uns/Unsere-Aufgaben/Gerhard-Fuerst-Preis/preistraeger.html?nn=214296