Paper accepted at EMNLP Findings 2023: A Benchmark for Semi-Inductive Link Prediction in Knowledge Graphs

The paper „A Benchmark for Semi-Inductive Link Prediction in Knowledge Graphs“ by Adrian Kochsiek and Rainer Gemulla has been accepted at the Findings of the Association for Computational Linguistics: EMNLP 2023.


Semi-inductive link prediction (LP) in knowledge graphs (KG) is the task of predicting facts for new, previously unseen entities based on context information. Although new entities can be integrated by retraining the model from scratch in principle, such an approach is infeasible for large-scale KGs, where retraining is expensive and new entities may arise frequently. In this paper, we propose and describe a large-scale benchmark to evaluate semi-inductive LP models. The benchmark is based on and extends Wikidata5M: It provides trans­ductive, k-shot, and 0-shot LP tasks, each varying the available information from (i) only KG structure, to (ii) including textual mentions, and (iii) detailed descriptions of the entities. We report on a small study of recent approaches and found that semi-inductive LP performance is far from trans­ductive performance on long-tail entities throughout all experiments. The benchmark provides a test bed for further research into integrating context and textual information in semi-inductive LP models.