Performance Training & Stress Management for (inter)national Students


Julie Kiepe

Learn how to deal with stress in this active, fun workshop!

In this workshop you will learn how to deal with stress and how to enhance your performance. We will look briefly into some theoretical background but most importantly you will learn hands-on strategies and tools how to deal with challenging situations and activate your resources. We will also dig into emotional and physical approaches, such as breath work, meditation and movement. This course will ask you to participate actively and be open-minded. Most importantly, you will learn a lot about yourself and you will have fun!



  • Understanding stress
  • Time management
  • Beliefs and inner drivers
  • Goal-setting (and achieving)
  • Finding your strengths and resources
  • Problem solving strategies
  • Maintaining focus
  • Breath work
  • Methods of relaxation
  • Mindfulness


This course is open to all interested students. There are no requirements except a sufficient proficiency of the English language. Please wear comfortable clothes and bring a fitness mat (or blanket).

Registration via Portal2.

Contact email: Aline Schmidt,