Presentations at the EPSA Annual Convention 2021

Sabine Carey, Christoph Steinert, and Felix Olsowski participated at the 11th Annual Meeting of the European Political Science Association held from June 24 – 25. Like last year, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic the conference was held online.

As part of a mentoring workshop series, together with Jae Jae Spoon, Sabine Carey led a session on publishing in academia for female scholars.

Christoph Steinert presented results from his paper “The duration of political imprisonment: Evidence from China”. Using a database on political prisoners in China, Christoph finds that ethnic Uyghurs are significantly longer imprisoned and more likely to die in prison. The preliminary results indicate a systematic discrimination of Uyghurs within prisons.

Felix Olsowski provided insights in an on-going research project with the title “Judicial Independence under Threat: The Appointment of Judges in Clientelistic Regimes”. Based on an original dataset on the appointment process of judges on the Philippines, Felix identifies characteristics of applicants that increase their chances of appointment. Preliminary evidence backs the hypothesis of a preferential appointment of applicants with family ties into politics.