PsychNotebook: Create, share, and export your code projects


Dr. Stefanie Müller

Open Science Office

PsychNotebook is a platform that offers statistical software such as R Studio and JupyterLab in an online environment. It is a tool to promote open science, in particular transparent and reproducible analyses, with a focus on teaching and collaboration.  

PsychNotebook supports teaching (and learning) code-based analyses by removing the hassle of setting up or installing software. In PsychNotebook you can create projects that contain scripts, data, instructions and more. You can share your projects with your students (copy access) or your collaborators (edit access). Sharing a project includes the description of the complete environment, i.e. the folder structure, installed packages and more. Problems caused by working on different versions or in different directories are thus eliminated. Projects can be easily archived including all dependencies and can be executed and edited when they are re-imported later.

In this talk I will introduce the features of PsychNotebook that go beyond RStudio and JupyterLab.

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