Thomas Gschwend in Diário de Notícias: Pandemic Is Dangerous Asset for Far-Right In Germany

The AfD's poorer results are mainly due to a lack of „alternative policies“. Instead, they „spend their time fighting each other“. Without the COVID-19 pandemic, the party is likely to „weaken even further“.

For Thomas Gschwend it is certain that the weekend congress will be anything but boring.

„We will be able to see a confrontation between the leader, Jörg Meuthen, who is considered a moderate (by AfD standards), and the more right wing of the party,“ revealed the professor at the University of Mannheim.

„If we recall the last party congress, in Kalkar in North Rhine-Westphalia, Meuthen publicly attacked the party's right-wingers in a highly publicised speech, and harshly criticised their radical rhetoric. Maybe it’s time to pay him pack. Irritations and fights about personnel is as usual first, constructive policy only second“, he pointed out.


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