Mannheimer Wissenschaft­ler/innen auf der Online-Konferenz der ICA

Dieses Jahr findet die 71. Konferenz der International Communication Association (ICA) vom 27.-31. Mai als virtuelle Konferenz statt. Mitarbeiter/innen der Mannheimer MKW sind mit 10 Beiträgen vertreten.

Die Konferenz ermöglicht Forscher/innen ihre Ergebnisse zu präsentieren und professionelles Feedback zu erhalten. Die ICA ist ein Zusammenschluss von 4.500 Wissenschaft­ler/innen aus über 80 Ländern, die sich für die Erforschung und Lehre zwischenmenschlicher und mediatisierter Kommunikation interessieren. 
Das Programm der Konferenz finden Sie hier.

An folgenden Beiträgen sind Mitarbeiter/innen der Universität Mannheim beteiligt:

Panel-Thema: HIGH-DENSITY: Computational Approaches to Agenda-Setting and Framing

Chung-hong Chan, Adrian Rauchfleisch, Hartmut Wessler, Philipp Müller, Katharina Ludwig: Estimation of Differential Implicit Media Bias

Panel-Thema: Intergroup Communication Interactive Poster Session

Katharina Ludwig: Self-Transcendent Emotions as Facilitators of Positive Mediated Intergroup Contact? An Automated Content Analysis of German News Media During the “Refugee Crisis” 2015/2016

Panel-Thema: New Investigations of the Psychological Processing of Media

Larissa Leonhard, Freya Sukalla, Andrea Kloss, Frank Schneider, Anne Bartsch: An Experimental Analysis of Eudaimonic Entertainment Factors in the Dual-Process Model of Entertainment Effects on Political Information Processing and Engagement

Panel-Thema: Political Information and Presidential Communication

Philipp Müller, Ruben Bach: Tracking Populist Alternative News Exposure: A Comparison of First- and Second-Order Election Periods

Panel-Thema: HIGH-DENSITY: Compulsive Use of Mobile Communication

Annabell Halfmann: Digging Deeper Into the Reasons for Self-Control Failure: How Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivations to Use Mobile Communication Shape Self-Control Processes

Top Paper Session: Mobile Communication

Frank Schneider, Sarah Lutz, Annabell Halfmann, Adrian Meier, Leonard Reinecke: How and When Do Mobile Media Demands Impact Well-Being? Explicating the Integrative Model of Mobile Media Use and Need Experiences (IM3UNE)

Panel-Thema: Deliberation and Rational Discourse: How to Achieve, and How Not

Julia Jakob, Timo Dobbrick, Hartmut Wessler: (Un)Sophisticated Reasoning? The Integrative Complexity of User-Generated Debates Across Political Systems and Online Discussion Arenas

Panel-Thema: Growing Incivility and Aggression in Political Communication?

Charlotte Löb, Eike Rinke, Carina Weinmann, Hartmut Wessler: Shaping Civility in Mediated Public Spheres: Dynamics Across Social Cleavages, Political Systems, and Media Types

Panel-Thema: Responsible Communication About Terror, Crime, Migration; Challenges and Possibilities

Hartmut Wessler, Scott Althaus, Chung-hong Chan, Marc Jungblut, Kasper Welbers, Wouter van Atteveldt: Responsible Terrorism Communication: Linking Normative Theories and Empirical Insights to Inform Guidelines for Communicators

Rise of „Alternative News“ and „Fake News“ Accusations

Philipp Müller, Rainer Freudenthaler: Right-Wing, Populist, Controlled by Foreign Powers? Manifestations of Partisanship in the Content Structures of German-Language Alternative News Media