Online Vorlesung von Philipp Gassert und Ivan Balykin für Studierende der Stus Donetsk National University

History of European Integration: The idea of Europe and the Impact of War

21.03.2024, Prof. Dr. Philipp Gassert, assisted by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ivan Balykin, delivered an engaging lecture on the “History of European Integration” for the students of Vasyl’ Stus Donetsk National University (Vinnytsia, Ukraine). The session provided a comprehensive overview of the history of European integration, exploring its foundations, advantages, and prospects. 📚

The topic sparked lively discussions among students, who actively shared their perspectives and raised important questions. It was inspiring to witness such enthusiasm and intellectual curiosity! 👏

Special thanks to Prof. Dr. Nadia Temirova and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Valeriia V. Lymar for organizing the event. Assistant of the Department of International Relations and Foreign Policy Vitaliy Berehuta also deserves recognition for skillful help in moderating the discussion. 🙌

And, of course, a big shoutout to all the students for their active participation and constructive engagement! Their contributions made the lecture truly enriching and thought-provoking. 👍👍👍

Looking forward to more stimulating sessions in the Lecture Course: “History of European Integration” at Ukrainian universities. Stay tuned for upcoming lectures and discussions!